Tango Moto en couple

Vivre sa passion à deux à moto, au point d’en faire une chorégraphie.


Pamela Romanowsky

El Tango Electrico: a traditional Argentine tango reimagined on dirtbikes, starring Ashley (@smashstunts) and Jeff (@cbearstunts), directed by Pamela Romanowsky (@pamelaromanowsky) with music by MAWR.

Produced by Rocket Film, this was the maiden voyage of the revolutionary MATRIX head by Cinemoves. Through helicopter, electric tomcar and on-bike mounts, we captured turning, tilting 360 degree shots.

I’m always chasing the passion, friendly competition and pure fun that’s foundational to motorcycling, and loved framing that pure joy in a new and unexpected way. As a rider myself, it’s a cinematic passion of mine to see female-directed motorcycle work. And as a viewer, I’m always looking for a new twist or point of view that captures the feeling in a new way.

Using electric bikes, electric generators and electric vehicles, we touched on the future of the film industry and the future of sport vehicles, and enjoyed something totally unique: the thrill of silent wheelies ripping across a dry lake bed.