Cole Seely, ça à l’air tellement simple

Cole Selly , nous fait un tour du proprio dans son ranch aménagé dirt FMX
Grosse demonstration de dextérité à moto.

The sun is out and it’s a beautiful day at Wyvern Ranch. This location holds a special place in my heart as one of my favorite riding spots & old stomping grounds. I’ve had this video concept in mind for a while now, and I’ve always wanted to shoot it here at the ranch with Cole. We have been buddies since our early teens, growing up racing and riding together all over the U.S. It’s always fun to shoot with him and so inspiring to watch him ride a motorcycle. His talent and skills are endless. We have had some insane memories together over the years and this project is just another page in our book of good times.

Directed by Will Luna
DP: Mason Pendergast & Griffin Denbesten
BTS Photos by Connor Reilly, Will Luna & Mason Prendergast
Music by Louis the Child