Falaise à l’aise au Portugal

Sources :Maria Riding Company

We design, we build, we ride. We are Maria.

This short movie, shot by DJI, is not about freedom, speed, or adventure.
It expresses the simple and raw essence of riding a machine.

Through dust and stones, “Riders” takes Maria motorcycles to Portuguese wild tracks, cliffs and city streets being filmed by a DJI crew with state of the art gear.

Maria Riding Company is a Lisbon established brand that creates and builds custom motorcycles as well as other bespoke and handcrafted goods. It’s philosophy of extreme dedication, care and attention to detail set the brand’s path from the first day, gathering the recognition and praise for which it’s thankful today.
The bikes used in the movie were “The Orbiter” – a Yamaha XSR700, made for Yamaha Yard Built, The “Black Baron” – a Triumph Bonneville and the “Dirty Geisha” – a Yamaha XT600.