Dromedarii: Moto sans compromis par Icon 1000

Crédits : ICON Motosports


One does not simply ride into Mordor. Or its equivalent. Such journeys require planning, conditioning, and the mental ability to forsake everything to achieve a singular goal. Such journeys also require the correct hardware and a worthy steed. The Dromedarii is ICON 1000’s answer to such a mount. Sired from the bloodlines of uncompromised stock, she is the result of a TRIUMPH x ICON collaboration, with a singular mission of bringing humanity back to wastelands.

Recruited from local tribesman during the late Roman empire, the Dromedarii were a camel-mounted cavalry division

The Containment Conflicts had not only decimated the human population, but they had also taken a heavy toll on the infrastructure. Both from the armament expended during the conflict and from the following lack of maintenance, the roads, bridges, and byways had been left in a state of advanced decay. The Dromedarii, based on the stout bones of a Tiger 800XC, had been modified to meet the needs of the 1000 outriders. Ohlins stiffened suspension, Conti TKC80 rubber, and raised subframe increased her offroad capabilities. All the Tiger’s original plastics had been removed and replaced with steel cages and plates to protect vulnerable engine components. A bespoke oversized fuel tank, along with auxiliary Rotopax® fuel cells, provided increased range of operations. PIAA® HID lighting combined with a Ballistic® lithium battery increased overall lowlight visibility while reducing weight. Finally, front and rear load-bearing racks where added for carrying requisite supplies and munitions.

Additional details on the ICON 1000 collection and the Dromedarii can be found on ICON 1000’s website: Icon1000.com