Concept éléctrique Husqvarna

About the Project

This video is a result of the Storytelling Course at the MFA Programme in Transportation Design at UID, Umeå, Sweden, in collaboration with Kiska GmbH, Austria.

About the Concept

Combining the subcategories of Supermoto and Café Racer, this concept features an honest and reduced design at a compact size. Its slim body and short wheelbase, combined with the high-torque electric motor, provide extreme agility.
‘Analog Elektrisk’ focuses on the pure and raw nature of motorcycle riding, which is shown in the hard, saddle-like seat and its honest, true-to-the-material construction. The two stamped-steel body shells are bolted onto a carbon fiber top- and machined steel subframe, enclosing the motor and battery unit in between.
The concept, which is designed for onroad use only, benefits from its Supermoto layout and riding position which is ideal for thrilling rides in urban traffic.
‘Analog Elektrisk’ is a compelling product alternative for all those Digital Natives who are sick and tired of the artificial and superficial virtual world they grew up with and are now looking for real-world adventures.


Music credits:

Eagles of Death Metal – Speaking in Tongues

Footage credits:

Dunkes Firmenportrait
Jack White – Lazaretto
Ryan Moore on the BRD Redshift –
TR 35 Blue Panel VU Meter –
The production process of a steel casting –
CNC working process –
London at Night –
Beautiful London – a film by Chris Brooker –
Husqvarna Brand Video

Robin Ritter