Expo Retro-moto au japon

Crédits : Speedtractor
ultrasupernew Co-producer
Animalboat Custom Cycles

M&Ms Motorcycle

Showcasing a lust-worthy curated selection of hand crafted motorcycles, including previously unseen projects from three of the Tokyo region’s most talked about custom houses, Speedtractor Industries joined forces with UltraSuperNew, AnimalBoat Custom Cycle and M&Ms Motorcycles to deliver Retro Moto – The Exhibition, an emotive snapshot of current Japanese custom motorcycle culture.
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Situated in the heart of Harajuku at UltraSuperNew Gallery, RetroMoto provided a unique opportunity for designers, motorcycle riders, aficionados and new comers alike to meet the creators and hear them speak candidly about their latest moto works and gain insight into their creative process, design approach and the challenges faced by even the most accomplished builders at the top of their game.